Parco is a 4 seater rest zone which is meant to sit with legs stretched especially in commercial areas. It is meant for places like malls, offices, hospitals, airports, libraries, hotels, children’s park, exhibition ground, trade centres, gardens, resorts etc. It can be used indoor or outdoor. 

Parco means Park in Italian. It is inspired by the nostalgic feeling of sitting under a tree with legs stretched in a park. 

Parco’s purpose is to give a person relaxation, a feeling of being close to nature, sit with legs stretched and have a personal space, sense of privacy despite being in a public space. It has 4 partitions or wings to divide individual/ isolate space. 

It can be highly customised as per user needs. The following can be added :- 

  • A side table can be attached to it for charging phones, laptops, a space to keep kindle or e-notebooks. 
  • A moveable table to eat or write & read. 
  • A hook to tie leash of their pet. 
  • There can be inbuilt music system. 
  • Also solar light in the center where there is space for planter and concealed lights below the seater adds to the sensory experience of the product. 
Parco has a cantilever structure and can take up to 400kgs of weight. It can be put against a planter/ column/ pole in the centre. It is a fit to install product and comes in 10 components.

Parco is a need driven design product. Commercial spaces lack a place where on can sit with there legs stretched and have privacy. It is truly designed to fill the gap of sitting comfortably in a public space.

It’s design patent.

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